Pubs sheds and automobiles

The forging continues to be what I want to do, but there are all these distractions… I have been making all manner of things, Many of them far too big for the long suffering Focus, so  I now have a very characterful old Transit, which has aided deliveries, and also helped no end with dragging rusty old derelict machines home for resurrection. I now have a Fly press and far too many pillar drills. Thanks to the grotty old van, I’ve also had loads of practice welding thin steel.

One of the first things to get a ride in the van was enough tables, benches and counter to open a bar. This is the biggest project I’ve taken on so far, and I’m very pleased with how it looks in use. More importantly, so is the customer.


The only drawback to making bigger things is the size of the workshop, which I cant do anything about, and the amount of ‘Stuff’ that is in it, which I am hoping to sort out. I’m blessed in that I have a good number of sheds to play in at Grump Towers, and equally cursed by the amout of ‘Stuff’ already packed into them, and the general state of them. Some work needs doing here. This week the lovely old character corrugated tin came off one of the sheds, to be press-ganged into being an addition to a very trendy eatery, the character and woodworm infested wood work was consigned to a bonfire, and now some very bland, but hopefully waterproof new tin is going on. If you are as old as me, you may remember those small puzzles with 8 squares and a space so you can moves the squares around to make a picture. I hope fixing the shed will give me that all important space so I can start moving some squares around.

lying the very lovely Smiths at The Smithery on…. anyone?… anyone? on Smith St.


And in case you were wonderingwhat a Fly press is, it’s nothing to do with torturing insects, It’s a wonderful device that applies a huge force in a slightly more delicate manner than hitting it with a big hammer. I’m learn a little bit of subtlety in my old age.



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