Once upon a time, every village had a blacksmith.

They would, as you would expect, shoe horses, but they would also repair almost anything. The idea of replacing something just because it is broken is one of those modern silly ideas.

Some of these repairs would be invisible; some better than new… and some done in a quick and cheap manner that doesn’t bear close examination.

Then the car came along and this changed everything for the blacksmith. Some turned their skill with metal to repairing cars and selling them fuel; some used this new found mobility to work away from their reputation, and some to enlarge it.

Some shut up shop and worked for others. This would have been something of a trial…

In this village my family supplied the blacksmith. We resisted progress as long as possible and my grandfather finally gave up around 1961. My Mother shod the last horse here, and then the forge became just another cold shed for cobwebs to grow old and grey in.

Showing a distinct lack of imagination it took me until 2010 to think about clearing out the forge and seeing what was left.

Six years later and it makes me happy every time I light the fire. I’ve noticed it has the same effect on visitors. If you need a coat hook, a companion set, something rusty repairing – or something a little more modern, like a Deathstar or an X-Wing Fighter get in touch.

I’m not that grumpy.